Douglas explores the visual vernacular of ASL through improv, stand up comedy, stories, poems, and short films.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Deaf stand-up comedian

John Morrison's monthly comedy quickie--some of the smartest, most politically savvy comedians in or passingt through NewYork make and unmake their bed here before some soon to be deported illegal third world alien comes in to clean it all up . . .
For our first Motel show of the new year, we are very pleased and proud to be bringing back our good friend Todd Barry. Todd will be scooting back and forth between Sketchfest shows in San Francisco, but we'll be lucky enough to have him for one night only.

From HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" to the Montreal, Aspen and Edinburgh Comedy Festivals, there's not much Todd hasn't done in the world of stage, film, radio and TV comedy. Howard Stern, Lucky Louie, Chappelle's Show, Letterman, Conan, etc., etc... just take our word for it, you are going to love Todd, OK? OK. (Everyone does. Uncanny, but true.)

Joining Todd, Comedy Central's Liam McEneaney has just returned from his European tour, and we're guessing he'll have some smart things to say for himself, as always. Old friend and winner of the Bud Light "Ladies of Laughter" Contest, Maureen Langan will be here, and you can see for yourself why Backstage magazine named her one of the "Ten Standout Stand-ups Worth Watching".

We had such a fun time last month with Chicago Second-City alum Thomas Middleditch that we've asked him back for an encore, and we're delighted to be able to present to you deaf comic Douglas Ridloff, co-creator and producer of "ASL (American Sign Language) in the Raw". Douglas - along with his interpreter for the hearing - will have you in stitches, guaranteed. Funny, funny man.