Douglas explores the visual vernacular of ASL through improv, stand up comedy, stories, poems, and short films.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Based on Deaf West Theatre, ASL SHOWCASE

Ridloff’s material was electrifying with unbridled vulgarity, & more importantly, refreshingly original. Wait till you see what the FF jar is about. He pulls no punches in speaking his mind, especially if the audience fails to respond, as evidenced last Saturday. His use of fingerspelling the alphabet & numbers in storytelling is unique. It is refreshing to see a blue comedian using ASL, and I hope he continues down this path.

Soon, I suspect Ridloff may move on to free association where he simply walks on stage and riffs whatever goes through his head: nothing censored, nothing mediated, nothing choreographed – (yes, that means no powerpoint) - till he becomes an avatar of mind shattering blue humor that’s a combination of recall, prophecy, and lewd jokes. Ridloff could become the first automatic signer in which his hands outrun his mind and say things he never planned to say, and end up surprising himself along w the rest of us - as if he becomes a spectator of his own performance.

I’m ecstatic to witness new talent on the stage, and I hope they continue to perform – thus inspiring us all and teach us a deeper appreciation of Deaf culture.